Minimal Viable Brand

Minimum Viable Branding (MVB) –
a lean branding process for startups.

Katja Wenger, Co-founder & Creative Partner
by Katja Wenger, Co-founder & Creative Partner

Applying our lean branding approach, we develop minimal viable brands (MVB) for startups, product and corporate initiatives. The cost-effective and focused minimal form of a corporate identity allows young companies to quickly define their brand, clarify corporate cultural issues and find their image. As a first step, it is important for startups, but also for innovative initiatives in established companies, to convince stakeholders, potential employees and investors. A MVB helps here. Such systems are now also relevant to brands for booking tickets, selling products, answering support queries or making new services available to customers. However, a conversational user interface only makes sense if it really makes life easier for the user. Brands need to ask themselves to what extent they should develop their own voice assistants or use an existing platform provider (e.g. Amazon with Alexa) for their voice-based services.


The starting point:
the brand personality

In an initial workshop, we develop the brand personality together with the company founders. We collaboratively define the behaviour of the brand towards customers and employees, examine the role in the market on the basis of brand archetypes and develop the aesthetic positioning. We take a pragmatic approach, because in this early phase of a company's development, analysis and strategy only reflect one particular moment in its overall trajectory.

A central component of the strategy is to define the behaviour of the brand, based on the brand personality. In the workshop, we ask the question: "What would my brand be like if it were a person?” The personality is documented by us live in text and drawing. The analysed character traits and attributes are later clustered and transferred to so-called brand filters.


From Moodboard to MVB

Based on the brand filters, we develop two to three moodboards, i.e. visual collages that correspond to the strategic target position in various forms. The moodboards are used for comparison with the client. In this way we can take the founders and initiators with us on the way to their brand image. In the second step, colours, typography, illustration style and logo are defined and tested at two to three select touchpoints. Only then is the set of rules formulated and, if desired, concrete applications such as a landing page, an app or PowerPoint slides for the startup pitch deck can be created.


Can we create a minimum viable brand for you?

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