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A new brand portal for Messe Frankfurt.

Katja Wenger, Co-founder & Creative Partner
by Katja Wenger, Co-founder & Creative Partner

Messe Frankfurt, one of the world's leading trade fair organisers, commissioned us to develop a new brand portal that would run independently of its own IT infrastructure and be easy to maintain.

Establishing a common foundation

The idea behind our response was that manual users should think for themselves. Due to the diverse nature of the touchpoints and markets involved, consistency across all media and markets can no longer be enforced. Instead, the key is to empower marketing professionals and the relevant partner companies in each country to understand what the brand is all about. Once a clear and common understanding is established, the rest will take care of itself.


A two-part portal to guide and inspire

The portal we created for Messe Frankfurt has two elements: The ‘Guidelines’ section and, on the right, a bar that leads to a picture when you click on it. This magazine section then shows best practices from other companies: great trade fair stands, exciting brand appearances, interesting examples from the world of brands and marketing. Users can use a call to action button to submit their own examples, which are then posted there. Messe Frankfurt wanted to use it to improve the user experience on the portal, and ensure that it serves as more than just an urgent reference bank for last-minute queries – but also provides ongoing guidance and inspiration.

In both the ‘Guidelines’ and the magazine section, we introduced a keyword area for optimised searches. Agencies can register without an approval process, because the portal contains no sensitive information – a decision which also drastically reduced security costs. The image database, on the other hand, can only be used with authentication, because it contains legally protected material.

Want more?

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