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Corporate Design and Website for LivePerson Institute

Katja Wenger
by Katja Wenger

The LivePerson Institute is the training academy of LivePerson, the specialist in AI-supported Conversational Commerce. The LivePerson Institute has set itself the task of developing and passing on specialist knowledge in the field of AI-supported conversation. Our task was to develop the Institute as a subbrand of the umbrella brand LivePerson, which nevertheless presents itself with an independent design.

Discover & Define


In the think moto-typical strategy process, we first positioned the LivePerson Institute and developed the brand personality. Then we moved on with the creative development of the design. This we made by using moodboards and initial layouts for various touchpoints.


Signets and Pattern

The LivePerson Institute divides its courses into the topics "Human Operations", "Technical" and "Conversational Design". In addition, there are three types of certificates that can be acquired by course participants: "Professional", "Specialist" and "Expert". In order to make this course family more manageable, we developed a graphic system that forms the heart of the branding and thus creates a very independent look.

Each signet of the system is based on a homogeneous basic form and colour palette. By different weighting of the color components, as well as the overlay of the respective course monogram a singular icon develops.



On this design basis we developed all print templates and the website in an agile design process. In order to emphasize the core topic Conversational Commerce more strongly and to emphasize the core competence, a chatbot takes over the course booking on the site.