LivePerson | Brand Foundation

LivePerson—Brand Foundation

After the successful graphic development of the sub-brands LivePerson Institute and LivePerson Partner, we were asked to consolidate and further develop the umbrella brand LivePerson.

It was important to the client that we took into account the new developments of the sub-brands and merged the cosmos of LivePerson into a coherent overall picture. The central element of the new branding was to develop a new, independent graphic visual language.

LivePerson is the specialist for AI-supported conversational commerce. Therefore, we used fundamental concepts from the fields of machine learning and computer science as a starting point for the development of the visual language. The result is a grid or pattern that forms the fundamental structure of the LivePerson Brand.

The 64-Bit Pattern

In the further process, we looked closer at the bit as the smallest unit in information theory, computer science, and digital communication, and also at the concept of pattern recognition. The latter deals with the automated recognition of regularities in data with the aid of algorithms. Grids form a fundamental tool for data analysis in this context.

Based on these two vectors, we developed a square grid element consisting of eight segments each, the 64-bit pattern. This raster element can be used as a stand-alone graphic element or, alternatively, as a basis for developing new linear graphics. These graphics can be regarded as patterns in an examined data set.


Testing the New Design

Based on the 64-bit pattern, we conducted initial trials of the new design system for various touchpoints.