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The World's Smartest Discount—A Chatbot-Based Sales Campaign for lexoffice

Discount campaigns are plentiful. With formats such as Black Friday and Cyber Week, marketeers regularly court the favor and money of potential customers with promotional and discount campaigns.

lexoffice, Germany’s leading provider of online office software for freelancers and entrepreneurs, also planned a discount campaign. But it wasn’t just any promotion: lexoffice wanted to use a very special discount mechanism to attract new customers for its accounting software.

The customers themselves had an influence on how long they could benefit from the promotional discount of 100 percent. The more new customers bought lexoffice during the promotion period, the longer the discount applied to all participants and thus the free use of the software.

This way, lexoffice not only wanted to attract as many new customers as possible, but also reward existing customers who recommended the product to others.


Smart and Interactive—a Discount like no Other

100 percent discount is an unbeatable offer. The interactive discount mechanism was particularly interesting for the development of the creative campaign—because the complex discount system had to be integrated into the website in an easily understandable way. An exciting challenge in terms of communication!

Comprehensible and extraordinary—these were the two guiding principles of the campaign development. And what better way to present a complex product to the user than with a smart chatbot? That was the birth of Lui, the interactive accounting expert from lexoffice.

And Lui is not just any chatbot that ekes out an unobtrusive existence somewhere on the website. No, as a campaign chatbot, Lui welcomes the user directly on the landing page and in Facebook Messenger. He makes sure that you don’t have to click through long explanations, FAQs and terms of participation, but welcomes and guides. And he does so in such a friendly way that he not only attracts attention, but also playfully conveys important information.

This made Lui the main protagonist of the communicative campaign platform, which explains the product in a straightforward way and makes it tangible. A campaign that lives up to its claim “Keep calm and just smile”  at all levels.

An Agile Approach for an Innovative Campaign Idea

Although Lui appears so smart and uncomplicated, its genesis was more complex. When we decided on a chatbot, a simple campaign briefing gave rise to many sub-projects. And we had six weeks from the initial idea to the go-live.

Each sub-project touched on different areas: Starting with the strategy, design and development of the bot personality, to the programming of the landing page and the chatbot, to the conversational and visual design, the claim development and the designing and producing of the campaign assets, we worked on numerous tasks at the same time.

Not only did these require a multi-faceted skillset, but also a flexible, forward-thinking way of working. Thanks to our agile weekly sprints and the ongoing exchange with all stakeholders—including our technology partner Cognigy.AI—we were able to successfully master this challenging project.


Lui as a Service Bot—Moving beyond the Sales Campaign

100 percent discount, zero percent accounting stress—what started as a temporary discount campaign has evolved into a permanent form of communication thanks to Lui. Even after the campaign, Lui will continue to interact with existing and new customers as a smart accounting expert from lexoffice.

With the chatbot, we have thus given lexoffice a tool that is indispensable for successful communication between people and brands: After all, what could be more natural, direct and customer-oriented than dialog?

“Awesome. New thinking was important to us, detached, from the beginning—and then not back down from implementation. think moto met our expectations 100% and was extremely fast. If you want to achieve something together, this is the right place. Highly recommended!”

– Michael Schönstein, Senior Business Architect Marketing at lexoffice

Lui Shows the Potential of Conversational Experiences

Chatbot Lui is not the first branded bot, but probably among the first to fully exploit the potential of dialogic touchpoints on three levels.

Conversations Matter

Lui immediately engages the user in a dialog. And Lui consistently keeps to this direct way of communicating. Other chatbots, on the other hand, are often only developed as a low-key website add-on.

Personality Counts

Lui has a real personality and allows the brand to be experienced clearly and uniquely. In contrast, other chatbots are often developed from a mere technical standpoint and are not perceived as having a personality.

User-Centered Throughout

Lui always focuses on the user. Thanks to target group-specific user journeys, he guides diverse user groups to relevant information and products. Other chatbots, on the other hand, often operate solely from a business perspective.

41 Percent more Sales is Worth Seeing!

It turned out that Lui primarily motivated new customers and thus more than lived up to the primary campaign goal of acquiring new customers. Almost 40 percent of all users who accessed the landing page started a conversation with him. So about 40 percent of all users were charmed by the likeable, digital accounting expert. Of these, about 12 percent became new lexoffice customers.

With a conversion rate of 4.5 percent, Lui was well above the average of the traditional lexoffice website and 41 percent ahead of the previous year's Black Friday campaign. On Cyber Monday, more licenses were sold than ever before.

Lui is Growing, and Then Some!

The sales campaign with Lui was so convincing that he will not only remain a key element of lexoffice’s marketing in the future, but also of the product.

The users will be delighted! And so are we.

Even More Lui

Learn more about the background of Lui in this German-language movie on Vimeo.


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