lexoffice | Chatbot Kampagne

The world's smartest discount - a chatbot based sales campaign for lexoffice

There are countless sales campaigns out there. Black Friday and Cyber Week motivate marketers every year anew with special offers and discounts to compete for the favour and purse of potential customers.

So lexoffice, Germanys no. 1 online office software for freelancers and entrepreneurs, approached us with a discount campaign briefing about their accounting products. The discount mechanism: The more new customers lexoffice acquires during the campaign period, the longer the 100% discount applies to all campaign participants, which allows them to use the software free of charge.

The goal of the campaign? To reward satisfied customers who recommend the product and at the same time acquire new customers for lexoffice.


Smart and Interactive - a discount like no other

100% discount is an unbeatable offer. But the most interesting trigger for our creative campaign approach was the interactive rebate mechanism, which presented us with a communicative challenge due to its complexity and need for explanation.

Easy to understand and extraordinary - these were the two guiding principles of the campaign development. Lui, the interactive accounting expert at lexoffice, was born from this claim.

As a campaign chatbot, Lui lives on a landing page and in Facebook Messenger. No endless explanations, FAQs and terms and conditions that the user has to fight his way through: just Lui, who playfully triggers attention and gives practical advice in a likeable and competent manner.

With Lui we created a communicative campaign platform that focuses on the simplicity of the product and makes it tangible. A campaign that lives up to its campaign claim "Keep Calm and Just Smile" at all levels.

Agile approach and team work for an innovative campaign idea

Lui has a smart and simple personality. However, its genesis was quite complex. Within only six weeks, from idea development to go-live, many different sub-projects emerged from a simple campaign briefing with the decision to use a chatbot as an innovative campaign vehicle.

Each sub-project presented our team with a variety of challenges. Strategy, bot personality, conversational UX, programming of landing page and chatbot, conversational and visual design as well as claim development and production of the campaign assets ran parallel within the short period of time.

This requires not only a multi-faceted skillset, but also a flexible, proactive and anticipative way of working. With the organisation in agile weekly sprints and the transparent and productive exchange between all stakeholders, especially with our technology partner Cognigy.AI, the complexity of the project could be productively managed and successfully mastered.


Lui as a service bot – moving beyond the sales campaign

100% discount, 0% accounting effort - what started as a temporary sales campaign has turned into a sustainable communication tool – thanks Lui. While launching the campaign, lexoffice already made one decision: Lui will survive the discount campaign and continue to interact with customers and potential new customers as a smart accounting expert for lexoffice.

With the chatbot originally designed for the campaign, lexoffice got a tool at hand that makes use of the most natural and direct way of interacting with their customers.

„Großartig. Uns war neues Denken wichtig, losgelöst, von vorne - und dann nicht kneifen bei der Umsetzung. think moto hat unsere Erwartungen zu 100% erfüllt und war extrem schnell. Wer gemeinsam etwas erreichen möchte, ist hier genau richtig. Ganz klare Weiterempfehlung!"

– Michael Schönstein, Senior Business Architect Marketing bei lexoffice


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