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Without Limits for Generation Z—Corporate Design and Website for HTWG Konstanz

The HTWG Konstanz—University of Applied Sciences had repositioned itself following an internal strategy process and therefore commissioned us with the corporate design as well as the planning and design of its website. The new visual identity was to position the university strategically within an increasingly competitive environment and at the same time be attractive to the demanding target group of future student applicants.


Prepared for the Future

Prior to our corporate design process, the HTWG Executive Board had initiated a strategy process in winter 2014/15 with the aim of developing a shared vision for the university and implementing it step by step. Representatives of various HTWG committees and organizational units had developed six values that would characterize the university’s future actions: vibrant, boundless, visionary, authentic, respectful, and effervescent.

This vision was jointly defined: “The HTWG Konstanz is an interdisciplinary university without borders, rooted in the four-country region of Lake Constance. It is a leader in promoting innovation and potential by offering high-quality, real-life teaching, research, knowledge transfer and training. Its international positioning makes it a recognized partner of science, business and the public. Humanity, authenticity, reliability, respect, creative effervescence, visionary thinking, the common will to open up opportunities, and an inspiring environment are all qualities that characterize the university.”

“The new CD has the power, both internally and externally, to convey HTWG’s future focus with freshness and energy.”

– Julia Zádor, HTWG Communications Department

Visualizing Values

The visual appearance of the HTWG called for the university’s values to be made evident above all else. Therefore, the main idea of the corporate design is derived from the themes center and networking. The new look presents HTWG as an attractive, global location with outstanding career prospects and an excellent infrastructure. This is expressed by a visible grid system where single points can be marked or connected.


“The new CD has helped us face increasing competition among universities and scientific institutions at the national and international level. It also contributes to strengthening HTWG’s identity both outside and inside the university.”

– Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz, former President of HTWG

The new design system is flexible and visually implements the university's strategy in an adequate manner. In addition to being dynamic and innovative, it also conveys consistency.

While the new HTWG logo has a serious air about it, additional design elements allow for a high degree of variability and thus reflect the university’s innovative spirit and brimming creativity. Similarly, the design conveys both dynamic aspects of HTWG’s vision, such as foresight and a commitment to the future, as well as solid, stable factors, such as practicality and credibility, in its typography, design elements, use of color, and imagery.

The individual components of the flexible corporate design, the logo and dot matrix, will allow HTWG to present a differentiated image depending on the application, format and target group, while still being clearly recognizable. The logo, which is rarely used on its own, is designed for a specific context. Faculties, for example, can be included in it as senders.

The new CD thus provides a consistent design structure for all important means of communication, from flyers and posters to the responsive website, which is also easy to read on mobile devices. It shapes the HTWG brand and ensures it is distinctive.


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