Bookwire | Corporate Design und Website

Self-Confident with a Vision—Corporate Design and Website for Bookwire.

For our long-standing client Bookwire, we have successively enhanced the look and feel since 2019. With its software solutions, Bookwire supports publishers and media companies in distributing and marketing e-books, digital audio books and print-on-demand titles.

We were facing a special challenge given the environment: How were we to communicate non-visual processes and advantages of a software in an emotional and high-quality way?


Logo Family

Starting from the redesigned product logo in the context of the updated software from Bookwire Macs to Bookwire OS in 2019, we developed a consistent language for the logo family of the company and its software products.


Relaunch 2020

Since the beginning of our collaboration, the company had not only grown, but also become more international and self-confident. In other words: Bookwire had grown up. Thus, when developing the new website it soon became clear the company needed a confident and distinct graphic style and imagery, in addition to a new information architecture rounded off with the latest UX principles.


A New Graphic Language

With the new graphic language, we developed a syntax of abstract-geometric forms combined with narrative elements in order to show abstract processes in an emotional way. The color range of a strong contrasting black and white aligned with the red-green gradient developed for Bookwire supports this independent, new look.


Tech-savvy and Cool

As to the visuals, we took up the graphic structure of the illustrations and combined the almost monochrome images with gradients.