Audi | Customer Experience

Developing a holistic Audi Customer Journey

Customer journeys are meant to define and design the individual stages that a customer goes through before deciding to purchase a product and beyond that.

While there are many individual customer journeys for certain products and services at Audi, there has been a lack of a holistic version that maps and guides the overall experience of a customer with the Audi brand and thus also has the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing the efforts of different internal teams – for an individual, seamless customer experience that inspires and differentiates Audi as a brand.

In the course of an increasing customer focus, the dedicated Audi Customer Experience initiative, which is an interdisciplinary team, began documenting and optimizing this overarching Audi journey.

Journey Mapping

Our task was to support the team in their journey mapping process and to finalize a design together that was influenced by best practices and that is realizable in this form in the next one to two years.
The result was an "experience construction kit" with a basic track that can be individually complemented with personal consulting moments and special extras.


Stakeholder Workshops

We used this modular journey to meet with the most important stakeholders from the retail, digital and other fields for workshop sessions aimed at consolidating the journey with the current planning of the teams and examining it for current discrepancies as well as its feasibility.

At the same time, the goal was to jointly discuss the most important moments of the journey – moments of truth, the most decisive moments from the customer's point of view that can lead to a discontinuation of the journey, as well as signature moments, which offer special potential for brand imprinting and thus differentiation from the brand's point of view.

Customer Research

While we had already captured potential moments of truth in the workshop sessions, we now focused on validating them through customer research and adding previously neglected relevant moments.

To this end, we conducted twenty interviews with people who had recently bought an Audi or were about to do so, and talked to them about their positive and negative experiences in the course of the purchase, usage and service process.

From these discussions, factors emerged that have a particularly high influence on the purchase decision and user satisfaction, and which should therefore be taken into account in the journey. These insights were incorporated into the further optimization of the customer journey and form the basis for a truly customer-centered design of the Audi customer experience.

On the way to true Customer Centricity

With our work, we have supported the Audi Customer Experience initiative on its way to becoming a constant authority in the company. In addition, we helped various departments to identify optimisation potentials of the brand experience from the customer's point of view based on a shared customer journey and to make this experience more cross-divisional and connected in the future.